“After 1069 days,
we are back”

~P. Anne Demic~

We are returning to make up for all the lost shows and missed birthdays, missed wedding receptions, and missed Christmas gigs since we were last able to be together!

Consider yourselves warned and welcome.
Ryan, Gord, Joe, David, and Chris have planned a Farewell to COVID concert.
It’s safe to rock again, after 1069 days.

Friday, November 4th, Revival Event Hall

Revival is located at 783 College St. Toronto
Doors open at 8:00pm

Get your FREE TICKETS to the show on Eventbrite.
We can only have 350 of you join the party, so book your space soon.

If you need accommodations for the night or weekend we have a block rate near by
Email us for the details

We look forward to ruining a perfectly good evening!

Inevitable Accident ><

~ Chris, David, G. Lawson, Joe, Ryan

“And if you choose to waste away like death is back in fashion
You’re an accident waiting to happen”

~Billy Bragg~