NOVEMBER 30 2019! 8PM
This year proceeds raised at the Inevitable -Christmas- Accident will support the Alzheimers Society. This is an issue that is close to many you and us as we are in the sandwich years between aging parents and aging kids.

Friends, Prepare to spend an evening with friends, acquaintances, and strangers (who won’t be strangers by the end of the night). Many of you will have done this with us 11 times, many will be there for the first time. Invite others. You are all welcome.

We know from experience that when we fill a room with great people, a great evening is inevitable. It’s no accident. The < The Vinyl Vixens > AKA the Inevita-Belles will be on stage with us once again.

Odeum Event Space is a killer venue.

We will play music. You will dance.
We will be merry. You will be merry.
We will all make a contribution to a the Alzheimers Society.

Save the date: Saturday, November 30th.
Odeum Event Space
3595 Lakeshore Blvd West, doors at 8:00pm.


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